MrRed is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission #25951

Terms and Conditions

Sovereign Group UK Limited is a company registered in England and Wales, trading as, whose principal business address is Sovereign House, Coney Weston Hall, The Street, Coney Weston, Suffolk IP31 1HG ("") has ownership of the website (the “Website”) from which it offers fully interactive games of chance.

To register on the Website or to take part in any games on the Website, Players must agree to the terms below which govern any Player’s participation.

To signify acceptance to these Terms and Conditions, each Player must insert their email address and other details and click the "I accept" button at the end of these Terms and Conditions. By doing so, the Player is deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them.

Players are advised that these Terms and Conditions should be read alongside all Game Rules and all's policies which can be found on the Website.

Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, or the terms of any document referred to within, may result in the Player being unable to claim any Winnings or their Account being terminated. 


1.1             The following terms shall have the meanings set out below:

1.1.1         “Account” – The Player’s account on the Website into which all Deposits and Winnings are paid and from which Stakes are taken.

1.1.2         “Bet” – a bet by a Player on the outcome of a particular Game.

1.1.3         “Card” – A virtual single card that is used on the Website.

1.1.4         “Coin” – a virtual coin which is spun on the Website.

1.1.5         “Commission” – five percent of the Player’ total Winnings arising from any Game. Commission only applies to SingleSpin and Roll-A-Dice games.

1.1.6         “Deck” – A virtual full set of cards which a Player uses to on the Website.

1.1.7         “Deposit” – the transfer of money by a Player into that Player’s Account. Maximum deposit is £10,000 in any 24 hour period.

1.1.8         “Dice” – a virtual dice which is spun on the Website.

1.1.9         “Eligibility” – a Player’s right to participate in a Game as determined in accordance with the criteria set out in clause 3 and in's Age Verification Policy which can be found at:-

1.1.10      “Eligible” shall mean any person who meets such criteria outlines in clause 1.1.9 above.

1.1.11      “Game” –  any of the games offered on the Website.

1.1.12      “Gaming Table” – the section of the Website where a Player indicates the Stake they want to place on a Game and choose the relevant steps to play the play.

1.1.13      “Maximum Bet” – Each Game has a different maximum stake.  Please refer to the Game Rules for the maximum stake applicable to that Game.

1.1.14      “Minimum Bet” – Each Game has a different minimum stake.  Please refer to the Game Rules for the minimum stake applicable to that Game

1.1.15      “Player” – a person who uses the online gaming service provided on the Website.

1.1.16      “” – the website with the URL

1.1.17      “Stake” – the size of the Bet a Player makes.

1.1.18      “Start” – Word used to begin the start of a Game on the Website.

1.1.19      “Stop” – Word used to show the end of a Game on the Website.

1.1.20      “Throw” – A virtual graphical movement used within the Game, Roll A Dice.

1.1.21      “Timer” – An automatic mechanism that is activated when a Player starts a Game and ends a Game on the Website. 

1.1.22      “Transfer Funds Limit” – a limit that can be set on the amount that a Player can Deposit in a given period.

1.1.23      “Winner” – the Player who bets correctly on the outcome of a Game as determined in accordance with clause 6 below.

1.1.24      “Winnings” – any sums to which a Player is entitled by virtue of playing and being determined, the Winner of a Game.


2.1             To enter any Game, Players must:

2.1.1         be Eligible;

2.1.2         at least 18 years of age; and

2.1.3         be a UK resident ; and

2.1.4         Provide accurate identity and contact details. will not be liable for any inability to make contact with the Player due to errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details provided by that Player or due to technical problems preventing from making such contact.

2.2             The Player warrants to that the Player is not breaching any laws in their own country of residence regarding the legality of entering a Game or the use the Website and that all information given about a Player is accurate and correct. will not be held responsible for any Player entering a Game unlawfully. If in any doubt the Player should immediately leave this website and check with the relevant authorities in their own country. 

2.3             If reasonably consider that a Player is not Eligible to enter a Game, may exclude the Player therefrom and/or withhold any Winnings from that Player until satisfied of that Player’s Eligibility. shall not be liable for any loss incurred during any time of exclusion

2.4             The Player should refer to the Game Rules for each particular Game for instructions and rules on how, practically, to enter into that Game.

2.5            Employees of Sovereign Group UK Limited and their immediate families, agents, dealers and their employees or anyone else professionally or associated with Sovereign Group (UK) Limited are excluded from registering on on the site.


3.1             Before playing a Game, the Player must open an Account on the Website. Details of how to open an Account are set out at :-

3.2             Opening an Account on the Website makes the Player automatically eligible to receive news and offers from Such news and offers will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address used by the Player to set up this Account, unless the Player later notifies of a change to their e-mail address which will acknowledge by return e-mail. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details on how the Player’s information may be used.

3.3             Before a Player is able to commence a Game, that Player must enter a Deposit/coupon code into their Account. Please note players can not deposit funds until their account has been verified.

3.4             If making any Deposit by credit or debit card, the Player must use a card which that Player is legally entitled to use or in respect of which the Player can prove that they have received the legal owner’s authorization.

3.5             If the Player makes a Deposit by debit card, there is no charge. If a Player makes a Deposit by credit card, a charge equal to 2.5 percent of the Deposit will be levied by There is a minimum deposit amount of £1 and a minimum withdrawal request of £5.

3.6             A Player’s Account is not a bank account and therefore any monies deposited in a Player’s Account shall not attract any interest.  Monies deposited with are held in a segregated bank account under the name of Sovereign Group (UK) Ltd (client account) and are not subject to special trust arrangements. However In the unlikely event of that (or other groups with Sovereign Group (UK) LTD) becomes subject to insolvency proceedings, then customer funds will not be available to administrators/liquidators and the money will be able to withdraw from the players account.

Customer funds are kept in accounts separate from business accounts; and arrangements have been made to ensure assets in the customers’ accounts are protected and will be distributed to the customer in the event of insolvency.

This level of the account for the protection of customer funds meets the UK Gambling Commissions to a medium level of protection set out on its customer funds rating system.

3.7      A player is only permitted to have one active account with . Customers that operate multiple accounts  will have their accounts suspended.

Should believe, using its absolute and sole discretion, that a player has:

registered and/or used more than one account; and/or acted in collusion with one or more other individuals through a number of different accounts and/or to maximise ones chances of winnings it reserves the right to withhold any winnings arising from such behaviour.


4.1             After opening an Account, a Player must take all reasonable steps to avoid disclosing (whether deliberately or accidentally) their username, password and/or account number to anyone else, including (where practicable) ensuring that up-to-date security software is downloaded onto that Player’s access device. Players are required not to use a email address are a username and for best security practice to ensure their password is at least 7 characters long, which includes a capaital letter and number and not related to their username. 

4.2             Each Player agrees that upon losing or forgetting their Account details, or where that Player has reason to believe that such details are known to an unauthorised third party they will inform immediately so that the Account can be closed down and a new Account can be opened for that Player.

4.3             All Bets, Stakes or Deposits made through a Player’s username and password will be regarded as valid, whether or not authorised by that Player, and shall not be liable for any claims in the event that a Player discloses their username, password or account number to anyone else (whether deliberately or accidentally) or where a third party obtains account details through any other means.

4.4             Upon opening an Account, the Player accepts that, where relevant to any Game played, may display that Player's name on the leaderboard. The Player understands that the leaderboard is shown on the front page of the website meaning that non-members of the website can see the Player's username, prize position, score and time.

4.5             The Player agrees that any Personal information provided by that Player may be used by Spinacoin in order to conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks.  Personal Information that the Player provides may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that information

4.6             From time to time Players will be asked if they would like to post their gaming results to their Facebook page. This is used to boast winnings. Once a Player has finished a Game a message will appear asking them if they would like to post their results, if player agrees, the website has the facility to link with the Player’s Facebook. will always ask for the player’s permission first. The player will need to log in or be logged into their account. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they login or are logged in to their own Facebook page.

4.7             Players may receive promotions and/or alerts regarding Games, offers & updates in the form of text messages or/and emails. Players will agree to receive such information during the registration process, but will have the option to opt-out at any point using the opt-out option available on correspondence.

4.8             The Player understands that all information held by MrRed  in relation to that Player shall be held and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy which can be found at:-

5.               PLACING OF BETS

5.1             Once a Player has placed a Bet, a Player cannot withdraw that Bet.

5.2            Subject to there being sufficient money in a Player’s Account and that Player’s Eligibility, a Player may play as many Games as they wish.

6.               PAYMENT OF WINNINGS

6.1             If the Player makes a Bet on a Game and does not win, MrRed take no commission from that Player’s Account. If a Player does win, subject to any other Winnings set out in any Game Rules, as applicable, that Player will receive twice their Stake for that play of that Game. However, will deduct 5% from the Winnings amount before it is transferred to the Player’s Account as the Commission charge.

6.2             In prize Games the Player will play against the house and the Player’s Bets will not be matched against another player.  In such Games, no Commission will be taken from the prizes by

6.3             Non-cash Prizes will be despatched by within 10 days of the Player winning the Game and becoming entitled to that Prize.

6.4             Cash prizes will be credited to the Player’s Account within 72 hours of the Player winning the Game and becoming entitled to the cash prize. Winnings shall be credited to the wallet that the Player made the winning Bet from.

7.               MAXIMUM PAYOUT

7.1             The maximum aggregate payout per account is £10,000.

7.2             In the event that the Player's Account shows a balance of more than £10,000, the Player shall not be entitled to withdraw any monies in excess of £10,000 unless the management give argeement to the withdrawal.


8.1    reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any Game, at any time, for any reason without providing prior notice to Players. In the event that MrRed cancel or discontinue a Game, MrRed shall not be liable to any Player for any Deposit, Stake or Bet made or Credit held that is not played.

8.2             At the absolute discretion of, a Player’s Account may be blocked, a Player’s Deposit may be frozen and/or a Player’s Winnings may be withheld in the circumstances set out in clause 9.2 below or if have reasonable grounds to suspect that the Player:-

8.2.1         has been involved in collusion or fraud in order to win a Game;

8.2.2         has used a robot or electronic device to assist the Player to win a Game;

8.2.3         is not Eligible;

8.2.4         has hacked into the Website or otherwise interfered with the proper functioning of the Website.

8.3 Where a MrRed customer account has been inactive for a period exceeding thirteen (13) consecutive months, MrRed  will apply an Inactive Account Fee. This Inactive Account Fee is £/€5, or the currency equivalent, per month. The fee will be deducted from your balance on a monthly basis until:

8.3.1 The account has been reactivated by recording a transaction on it;

8.3.2 The account has been closed; or

8.3.3 The account balance reaches zero.

8.3.4 Customers will be notified by letter after 12 months’ inactivity, and, after that, the monthly Inactive Account Fee will apply.

8.3.5 MrRed, upon request, will refund customers 100% of any Inactive Account Fees which have been charged to their account balance. To start the refund process, the customer should contact  Customer Service.

8.3.6 Inactive Account Fees apply to all MrRed customers.


9.               Closure of Accounts

9.1             Provided that a Player’s Account does not show that a balance is due to, a Player is entitled to close their Account on not less than 24 hours' notice to at any time A customer wishing to close their account must contact the customer support term to close their account.

9.2             When a Player requests closure of their Account under paragraph 9.1 will, subject to paragraph  9.3, return any outstanding balance in that Player’s Account to that Player.

9.3             Upon any termination of a Player’s Account under this paragraph 9 MrRed shall be entitled to withhold, from the repayment of the outstanding balance on that Player’s Account, any monies: (a) pursuant to paragraph 11 (Money Laundering); (b) as otherwise provided by the Terms of Use; or (c) as required by law or regulation.

9.4             When repaying the outstanding balance on a Player’s Account, shall use the same method of payment which that Player provided upon registration of their Account, or such other payment method as has been notified, and acknowledged by via return e-mail.

9.5    shall be entitled to close a Player's account immediately and without notice in the following circumstances;

9.5.1         Where has reason to believe the Player has breached any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, or of any document referred to within, with;

9.5.2         Where suspects or becomes aware of the use of proceeds of crime in that Player's Account;

9.5.3         Where suspects or becomes aware that a Player has been engaged in fraudulent activity, whether through use of the Website or elsewhere;

9.5.4         Where suspects or becomes aware that a Player has been involved in the manipulation of results of any Games.

9.5.5         Where suspects or becomes aware that a Player has been involved in the manipulation of an error with any Games.

10.             PROMOTIONAL OFFERS

10.1          From time to time promotional offers will be offered to new and/or existing Players using the Website.  Subject to any special terms that are publishes in relation to that offer, these Terms and Conditions shall apply to all.

10.2 reserve the right to, at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any promotional offer without prior notice.

10.3          Where make clear that any bonus is only to be used once, expect Players to be respectful of this term, only attempt to claim the offer once and refrain from registering their details more than once.  If it is found that there has been more than one registration for the same Player, at the absolute discretion of, any Accounts may be closed and any Bets and Winnings will be void and it may result in the immediate exclusion from use of the Website in its entirety.

10.4          Should there be any dispute in relation to any promotional offer,’s decision will be final and will not be obliged to enter into correspondence with regards to the dispute.

10.5          Promotional offers will come in hte form of E-mail, Text sevices, Letters and any online marketing tools available to MrRed marketing team. 

10.6         New members and exsisting members have the option to opt in to promotions and opt out. This option can be found within the players profile or when a player first registers to the website. Players may contact customer services for more information or help. 

10.5          Free Introductory Bonus

10.5.1      If offered to a Player, a free introductory bonus will operate in the following way.

(a)       Once the Player has deposited funds (if required) into their Account and entered the correct promotional code, the Player will be credited with the promotional bonus amount.  However, bonus amounts are unable to be withdrawn until the Player has matched at least 40 times the bonus amount.  For example, if the Player was credited with a £5.00 free bonus amount, the Player must place Bets to the value of £200.00 before that Player is able to withdraw the £5.00 bonus.

(b)       Only new Players, depositing funds into their Account for the first time will be eligible for this type of promotional offer and only as and when available.

(c)       The bonus offer of £5 free bonus credit to a Player’s account is only to be claimed once.

10.6          Top the Lot Introductory Bonus

10.6.1      If offered to a Player, the Top the Lot Introductory Bonus will operate in the following way;

(a)       Once the Player has deposited funds into their Account (if required), for the first time and entered the correct promotional code, the Player will be credited with the promotional bonus applicable for Top the Lot, as made available at that time. 

 b) The bonus offer of free credit can only be used once and only within the time frame as set by for that particular promotional offer. Furthermore, the bonus can only be used when playing the Top the Lot Game. If a Player attempts to use the bonus amount for another Game, the bonus will be deemed null and void and any Winning due shall be witheld.

(c)       Bonus amounts cannot be withdrawn. However, any Winnings that become due through play using the bonus amount can be withdrawn minus the bonus amount.

(d) A player may only redeem a maximum of one registration bonus coupons available. A Player that  attempts to us, the bonus will be deemed null and void and any Winning due shall be witheld. 

10.7          100% Deposit promotional offer

10.7.1      If offered to a Player, the 100% Deposit promotional offer will operate in the following way;

(a)       Once the Player has deposited funds (if required) into their Account and entered the correct promotional code, the Player will be credited with the promotional bonus amount. 

(b)      The minimum deposit is £10 for a 100% match of a £10 bonus. The maximum deposit is £25 for a 100% match of a £25 bonus.

(c)       The bonus amount can only be withdrawn once the Player has made Bets which amount 40 times the sum of the Player's deposit and the bonus amount. For example, if the Player is depositing £20, they must have made Bets with an accumulative value of £800 (40 x £20+£20) in order to withdraw their bonus.

(d)       From the time of the Player’s deposit until the Player meets the wagering requirements set out in clause 13.5.3 above, any bonus monies won will be held in a bonus balance for that Player.

(e)       If the wagering requirements as laid out in clause 13.5.3 have not been met within 30 days of the Player making the qualifying deposit, any funds held in the bonus balance will be forfeited.

10.8            Refer a Friend Scheme

10.8.1     If offered to a Player, the Refer a Friend scheme will operate in the following way:

(a) A registered Player simply goes to ‘my profile’ section once logged into their Account and copies and pastes the Refer a friend statement into their Facebook status or twitter feed. The statement includes the Player’s unique code/name of person referred them. When a friend joins they will be asked “how did you hear about us” - If the answer is through ‘a friend’ they will be asked to quote the unique code/name of person referred them. Once the Player has been checked and approved they will receive a welcome bonus to their Account and the referrer will also receive a bonus too. 

(b) If the player wishes to refer a friend, they must ensure that each of the friends are aged 18 or over.

(c) Player will only be able to participate in the ‘refer a friend scheme’ if they have made a Deposit and participated in a game on at least three occasions.

(d) The referred friend must successfully register as a member of the Website (The friend must pass our internal age verification and identity checks), and have made a deposit and a stake or bet at least one occasion.

(e) Players can refer as many friends as they want, provided that each friend meets all requirements of this clause 10.8. 

(f) may withdraw or amend the ‘refer a friend scheme’ at any time. If the scheme is withdrawn or amended, notice of such withdrawal or amendment will be displayed on the website.

(g) Players must comply with these Terms and Conditions at all times. Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions will automatically render their entry to the ‘refer a friend’ scheme invalid. 

(h) The 'refer a friend’ scheme is only applicable for distinct referrals without a prior or existing user account at the Website. Players are not permitted to refer themselves or other existing members to the ‘refer a friend’ scheme.

(i) reserves the right to refuse the prize if reasonably suspect that either the referrer Player or the referred individual has violated or violates any of these Terms and Conditions.

(j) Rewards will be credited to the referrer Player’s Account within 72hrs of the referred joining and passing all verification checks. 

(k) The referred individual must enter a unique code when joining to make both parties eligible. 

(l) Bonus monines must be turned over 40 times the amount before the bonus money or any Winnings made from bonus monies are withdrawn. For example if a Player receives a £5 bonus they must place Bets to the value of £50 before they are able to withdraw the bonus. 

10.9 Referral bonus scheme

Friends for Benefits Scheme:

Further to clause 10.8 of the Terms and Conditions, if a referred friend participates in Top The Lot and finishes in a cash prize position;

a)    and the referring Player has also participated in that particular Game then the referring Player will receive 10% of the amount their friend won;

Bonus monies paid to the referring Player through this scheme shall be funded by the MrRed prize pot, not taken from the Winnings of the referred friend. 

For the referring player to receive any bonuses and promotions they must have played in that same tournament their referred player played in to be entitled to any winnings.

MrRed Voucher Code Bonus

(Scratch Card promotion from 1st November - 31st December 2018)

If offered to a new/exciting player the Top the Lot Bonus voucher code will operate in the following way;

        A)     A Voucher Code can only be redeemed once per customer.

        B)      A Voucher Code must be redeemed by a stated date.

        C)      The date a player enters a code will be deemed the date the credits are obtained and can only be used in the current live game on the website when the code was entered.

       D)     Credits obtained by a voucher code will deleted from a players account once that particular live game has ended.

       E) reserve the right to, at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any promotional offer without prior notice.

       (Bettling Slip Promotion from 1st Jan 2018 - 1st Feb 2018)

        A)     A Voucher Code can only be redeemed once per customer.

        B)      A Voucher Code must be redeemed by a stated date.

        C)      The date a player enters a code will be deemed the date the credits are obtained and can only be used in the current live game on the website when the code was entered.

        D) £5 Code will be paid in to the customers Bonus Wallet and will need to be staked to withdraw (Check T&C)

        E)     Credits obtained by a voucher code will deleted from a players account once that particular live game has ended.

        F) reserve the right to, at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any promotional offer without prior notice.

       10.10 - Portal Prize Draw

       Players must deposit at least £2 or more and spend it on any MrRed game to be elgiable to be enterd into the prize draw to have a chance to win a 'Portal'. The winner will be selected at 9pm  on 24th May 2020 using a random number generator, winner will contacted by telephone, text or email to confirm winning.  Winner must provided ID before dispatch of item. Winner will have choice of colour black or white unless MrRed cannot source the desired colour. MrRed holds the right to withdraw the offer if player does not abide by terms and conditons. 



11.1             Where problems occur in the software or hardware used by to provide the on-line gaming facilities on the Website, will take all reasonable steps to remedy the problem as soon as reasonably practicable. Where such problems cause a Game to be interrupted in circumstances where it cannot be restarted from exactly the same position without any detriment to any Players, will take all reasonable steps to treat each Player in a fair manner (which may include reinstating the balance on a Player’s Account to the position existing following completion of the last Bet or Game logged on the server immediately prior to the occurrence of the problem. Players should note that will exercise this option at its discretion and is under no obligation to do so).

11.2             A number of circumstances may arise where a Bet or wager is accepted, or a payment is made, by in error. A non-exhaustive list of such circumstances is as follows:

11.2.1         Where mis-state any odds or terms of a Bet or gaming wager to the Player as a result of obvious error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a computer malfunction;

11.2.2          Where has made a 'palpable error'. A palpable error occurs where:

(a) in relation to Bets placed prior to an event taking place, the prices/terms offered are materially different from those available in the general market; or

(b) in relation to any event, the price/terms offered at the time the Bet is placed are clearly incorrect given the probability of the event occurring;

(c ) where has continued to accept Bets on a market which should have been suspended, including where the relevant event is in progress (except where 'in-running' Bets are accepted) or had already finished (sometimes referred to as 'late Bets');

(d) where an error has been made as a result of a prohibited practice under these Terms and Conditions;

(e) where should not have accepted, or have the right to cancel or re-settle, a Bet pursuant to any rules, regulations or legislation which governs betting or gambling generally;

(f) where an error is made by as to the amount of winnings/returns that are paid to the Player, including as a result of a manual or computer input error; or

(g) where an error has been made by as to the amount of free Bets and/or bonuses that are credited to the Player’s Account,

11.2.3             Any such circumstances being referred to as an "Error".

11.3      reserve the right to:

11.3.1             Correct any Error made on a Bet placed and re-settle the same at the correct price or terms which were available or should have been available through the Operator (absent the publishing Error) at the time that the Bet was placed and the Bet will be deemed to have taken place on the terms which were usual for that Bet; or

11.3.2             Where it is not reasonably practicable to correct and re-settle the Error under 11.3.1 above, to declare the Bet void and return the Player’s Stake into the Player’s Account; or

11.3.3             Any monies which are credited to the Player’s Account, or paid to the Player as a result of an Error shall be deemed, to be held by the Player on trust for and shall be immediately repaid to when a demand for payment is made by to the Player. Where such circumstances exist, if the Player has monies in their Account, may reclaim these monies from that Player’s Account. agree that it shall use all reasonable endeavours to detect any Errors and inform Players of them as soon as reasonably practicable.

11.3.4             Neither (including our employees or agents) nor any partners or suppliers shall be liable for any loss, including loss of winnings, that results from any Error by (or its third parties, suppliers or providers) or an error by the Player.

11.3.5             Players shall inform as soon as reasonably practicable should they become aware of any Error.

11.3.6             Further to clause 11.3.3, where a Player has used monies which have been credited to their Account or awarded to that Player as a result of an Error to place subsequent Bets or play Games, may cancel such Bets and/or withhold any winnings which that Player may have won with such monies, and if have paid out on any such Bets or gaming activities, such amounts shall be deemed to be held by the Player on trust for and the Player shall immediately repay to any such amounts when a demand for repayment is made by to the Player.


12.1 reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Any such changes will be posted on this website and will be effective in respect of all Games which have not started at the date of such change being posted. 24 hours’ notice will be given to all Players prior to changes being displayed. 


13.1 warrant that the result of each Spin shall be randomly generated.

13.2 shall have no liability for any losses or damages which may be suffered by a Player (or any person claiming under or through a Player), whether the same are suffered directly or indirectly or are immediate or consequential, and whether the same arise in contract, tort  or otherwise, save where it is not possible to exclude such liability by law.

13.3The Player agrees that in entering into any Game and accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Player did not rely on any representations  of any kind or of any person other than those expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions or that the Player shall have no remedy in respect of such representations and shall have no liability otherwise than pursuant to the express terms of these Terms and Conditions.

13.4            To the extent that it is not excluded by clauses 13.2-13.3 above or otherwise,’s total liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise and whether in connection with any Game and these Terms and Conditions shall in no circumstances exceed in aggregate a sum equal to £10,000. 

13.5            The exclusions in this clause 13 shall apply to the fullest extent permissible at law but do not exclude liability for:

13.5.1           Death or personal injury caused by the negligence of; or

13.5.2           Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

13.5.3           Any other liability which cannot be excluded by law.

13.6   accept no responsibility for failed, partial, incorrect or garbled computer transmissions, for any computer, telephone, cable, network, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability, for the acts or omissions of any service provider, internet, accessibility or availability or for traffic congestion or unauthorized human act.

13.7            In the event that a Game is disrupted due to an event outlined in clause 13.6, or otherwise, shall not be liable for any lost Bet, Stake or Deposit and shall reserve the right to void all related Bets and plays on any Game.


15.1          Games have been put through strict testing by Gaming Associates whose website can be found at:- 

14.2          Gaming Associates are a recognised testing company and approved by the gambling commission of Great Britain (


15.1         The Player needs to be aware that under current legislation designed to prevent money laundering, MrRed have a duty to report any financial transactions which regard as suspicious. 

15.2 have to be satisfied as to the legitimacy of the source of any funds used by a Player for the Website’s gaming facility. are also required to carry out checks to verify a Player’s identification and address. do this by means of an online identity verification tool provided by Prove ID. On occasions may have to ask a Player for additional verification evidence, such as the Player’s passport or driving licence.

15.3         The Players need to be aware that the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (as amended) (the “Act”) creates a number of offences relating to the proceeds of crime. The ‘proceeds of crime’ are any monies/property/assets which have arisen as a result of any crime. These include, for example, monies (however low in value) saved as a result of tax evasion or benefit fraud, whether that money has been saved or spent. 

15.4            If become aware or suspect the existence of the proceeds of crime in the use of a Player’s account, may be obliged to report the irregularity to the appropriate authority. It is also important for the Player to be aware that may have a legal duty under the Act and related legislation to report known or suspicious circumstances to the appropriate authorities without telling the Player, and the appropriate authorities may share the information given to them. 


16.1         These Terms and Conditions and the Game Rules for each Game are governed by English Law and any related matters will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

16.2          The Player acknowledges that’s random number generator will determine the outcome of each Game played through the Website and the Player accepts the outcomes of all such Games. The Player further agrees that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on that Player’s screen and the server used by, the result that appears on the server will prevail, and the Player acknowledges and agrees that's records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of the Player’s participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation.

16.3          Any disputes arising out of the use of the Website shall be dealt with in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy which can be found at:-

16.4 reserve the right to withhold the payment of any Winnings due to a Player and the reimbursement of a Player’s Stake if this is required to comply with a decision, judgment or other intervention of a national, international or federal body which has authority in such matters, or if it is otherwise required under clause 15.

17.            GENERAL

17.1          If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is judged to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision or part provision shall be considered removed to the extent required and the continuation in full force and effect of the remainder of the provisions will not be prejudiced.

17.2          No term of these Terms and Conditions is intended to confer a benefit on or to be enforceable by, any person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions.

17.3          Any notice required to be given pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be sent to Us at Sovereign House, Coney Weston Hall, The Street, Coney Weston, Suffolk IP31 1HG or to the Player at the email address the Player used when registering on the Website or such other address as the Player has subsequently notified to and has consequently been acknowledged by by email. It shall be the Player’s exclusive responsibility to provide an up-to-date email address to


18.1 reserve the right to transfer, assign, sublicense or pledge the Terms and Conditions (an "assignment"), in whole or in part, to any person without notice to the Player, provided that any such assignment will be on the same terms or terms that are no less advantageous to the Player.

18.2          The Player may not assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer in any manner whatsoever any of the Player’s rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


19.1 will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions, or any document referred to within, that is caused by events outside’s reasonable control, including (without limitation) any telecommunications network failures, power failures, failures in third party computer (or other) equipment, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, severe weather, industrial disputes or lock-outs, terrorist activity and acts of government or other competent authorities (a "Force Majeure Event"). 

19.2 will use reasonable endeavours to bring the Force Majeure Event to a close or to find a solution by which our obligations may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event.

20.               WAIVER

20.1             If fail to insist upon strict performance of any of a Player’s obligations or if delay or fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which it is entitled, this shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve the Player from compliance with such obligations.

20.2             A waiver by of any default shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent default.

20.3             No waiver by of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be a waiver and is communicated to the Player in writing.

21.               ENTIRE AGREEMENT

21.1             These Terms and Conditions and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between the Player and MrRed and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between a Player and MrRed, whether oral or in writing.

22.               RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING

22.1 The Player agrees to abide by the MrRed Responsible Gambling Policy, the policy can be found out at:

MrRed T+C's

The aim of the game:

The aim of TTL game is to be the highest point’s scorer in the shortest time possible. In the event of a tie for most points, the Winner will be the one who amassed their points within the shortest time.

MrRed is a simple hi/lo card game.

Game Rules:

From the deck selected a Player chooses a starter card.

To start the game the Player must turn over the starter card. Once the starter card is turned over the timer starts and 1 credit is taken from the Player’s MrRed wallet.

Once the starter card has been turned over and the number on the card is revealed the Player faces the first stage of the first level. The Player has to select one of the cards from the row above to turn over and successfully predict whether the card is of greater value or lesser value than their starter card.

If a Player successfully predicts the result of that card then the Player moves up to the next row and receives one point.

If your prediction is incorrect in the game don’t worry your game doesnt have to be over! You will have the chance to purchase lives to carry on your game.  There are 3 lives in total, you can purchase the first 2 for 30p each and the third life is FREE. If your next prediction is incorrect after using all your lives then your game is your score will not be recorded. 

If a player is happy with the score they have gained, then the player can press the stick button and the timer will stop and the Player’s score and time will be taken and placed on the leader board.

The Player will then be taken back to the beginning of the game. This process can be repeated until a Player has used up all of their free credits or the competition has come to an end, whichever is earlier.

The player can only ever be on the leaderboard at anyone time and it is only the players score they have submitted and stuck on will be placed on the leaderboard. If a player submits a score and then plays again and scores a high points but does not stick and losses then that score is not submitted to leaderboard and the previous submitted score stands.

Only a new Player personal high score within the competition will be submitted to the leader board (outside of prize position).

If a Player turns over a card that holds the same value as the card they are up against then the Players continues up the level but will not receive a point.

Once a Player has a been successful on their prediction they then move up to the next row within that level of the game and the card that they previously turned over successfully now becomes their new playing card they then are against.

Once the Player successfully completes each stage within the different levels the Player is faced with a mini bonus round where they can pick up 1 points (the timer will pause during the period where the Player selects and plays the mini game).

The mini rounds consist of different games on different stages.

One game is head or tails. The Player must select the right outcome from a single spin to receive 1 bonus point. However if they are not correct they will receive no bonus points.

The other game is ‘roll a dice’. The Player must choose 5 numbers from the possible 6 that they think the dice will land on. If the Player predicts the correct outcome (X) bonus point will be added to their score. However if they are not correct they will receive no bonus points.

Once a Player has taken part in the bonus round they then move onto the next stage of the level. The timer will then resume as soon as the mini game has finished.

When a Player moves onto a new stage of the game the card they previously predicted correctly becomes their new starter card for this new stage of the game.

Once a Player completes a level a new deck of cards is brought out and like the start the Player has to select a starter card and swapcards (depending on the levels). Like the start of the game the levels begin as soon as the Player turns over the card and the timer starts.

Twist on the game…..

When the Player reaches a prize position the Player is then faced with a stick or twist situation.

When the Player reaches a prize position they will have the choice to ‘stick’ or ‘twist’. If the Player chooses to ‘stick’ this means they can end their game and submit their score to the leader board. If a Player chooses to ‘twist’ this means they gamble their prize position to better their score. If the Player is successful in their prediction, they are given the option to ‘stick’ or ‘twist again. This will then continue until they chose to 'stick’ or are unsuccessful. If they are unsuccessful in their prediction of the next card then the game is not over but this means the player will lose their first life they are on but can continue the game and use their free life! If however a player loses on their free life then there is one final opportunity to carry on the game by purchasing one more final life (The fee for the life varies on the current live game please see game rules for cost of a life), if they pushase the final life then the game continues but the next time the player guessing incorrectly then the game is over and no score is submitted to the leaderboard. If a players don't wish to purchase a life then this will spell the end of the current credit they are using to play on the game.  

Once a game over is over their next play will start of 0 points. 

How the leaderboard works:

A Player’s score is only dropped or removed if another Player in the competition betters their time and score.Or if a player was not eligible to participate on

Prize positions are always up for grabs and there is always an opportunity to better your score until the game ends.

Cost and entry information for MrRed:

To enter the game, Players must have credits available to use  in their main wallet.

Players receive 15 free credits each night into their account ready for the next live Game.

Please Note that there is no wagering amunt required to receive the daily credits. 

To receive the daily credits players must be a valid verified member of 

In addition to these rules, game play and access to the site are subject to the terms and conditions available at Your use of the website and/or your playing any game means that you accept these terms and conditions together with the rules of play, which are legally binding. 

A Player can join the live game by selecting “start game”, in doing so, that Player agrees for the entry fee to be taken from their Account in exchange for credits to play for that Game.

When MrRed makes credits available to purchase for each live game there will be a minimum buy in. For example for only £10 a Player receives 10 plays. Other packs are available to purchase reserve the right to change the entrance fee from time to time with no prior notice to Players.

Players will be offered  2 chances to purchase lives to carry on there game and will also recieve a third life for FREE.

Cost of each life.....

The first life costs 30p, second costs 30p, third costs 0p . (updated 10/01/2019)

When a Player plays and pays into a MrRed game they are joining the current live ongoing competition. Players scoresnand credits cannot be transferred into a future competition Players cannot pre pay for a future competition.

Although each competition will run weekly their exact start dates and times are subject to change on a competition by competition basis. This may mean that there is more than one MrRed games running at the same time. In this event plays will be unlimited to the games for which they were purchased can be transferred to any other concurrent running competition. This does not affect a Player’s ability to purchase plays for any other running competition(s).

Once a Player uses up all their amount of plays then this is not the end of their go in the competition. Players may purchase further plays when credit packs are available to purchase,

Credits when available can be purchased only during the current live Game. Unused credits cannot be transferred, or used for future Games and will be deemed void and cleared from that Player’s Account as soon as the current Game ends.

Credit packs are available to purchase cost of the following amount: £2 for 20 Please note there is a maximum limit on the amount of credit you can purchase. These limits are specified on the following page - BUY MRRED CREDIT PACKS.  The Credit pack limit is £3 within any one 24 hour period. Once the 24 hour period/competition has ended (From the first pack a player has purchased) the player can then start purchasing more packs.

At the end of the competition only the best score for each Player will be submitted provided that they have chosen ‘stick’ which will then add the score to the leader board.

Entrants cannot cancel entry for a Game once they have selected “start game.” In the event of any dispute, Player’s are referred to clause 17 of the Terms and Conditions and the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Winners, bonuses and prizes:

Throughout the game Players are eligible to win prizes.

Any Bonuses are in the form of Game plays and will be automatically added to the Players Top The Lot wallet for the current tournament.

Winners can only be Players that finish in prize positions.

A Player cannot be on the leader board more than once.

If multiple Players finish on the same score, then the prize funds for their position will be divided equally between them.

Prizes will vary week to week dependent on the level of participation. Prizes for each Game will be clearly displayed on the home screen. will also display in what positions prizes can be won for that particular Game and reserve the right to change the number of prize positions at their absolute discretion, without notice to Players.

Winners of a Game will be notified once that Game has completed. Prizes awarded will be placed into those Players' Accounts once all checks have been made and funds have been cleared. Prize monies can then be withdrawn or used towards further games.

Where possible, will endeavour to transfer prizes within 72 hours of the end of the Game.

Extra Cash Bonus Prizes and how they work.

each game players have the opportunity to win extra prizes on MrRed.

A player can only win a maximum of one extra cash bonus prize per game.  If a player does stick first on all stages of extra cash bonuses then the player will receive the highest value. If a player has been referred by another player they are entitled to 10% equivalent of winning players bonus prize.

Any applicable taxes or other fees or charges in connection with any Prizes awarded are the sole responsibility of the Player in receipt of those Prizes.

Final MrRed Leaderboard positions post game may vary from the final standing tables found on the website. has the right to amend the leader when and where required pre and post final standings.

Cancellation of or disruption to a MrRed Game:

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions, reserve the right to cancel any Game, at any time, without prior notice to any Players. In the event that cancel a MrRed Game, will refund any amount a Player has spent on credits for that particular Game. Any amount will be placed directly into the Player's Account and no interest will be paid on any refunds made.

The Player fully accepts that random number generator software determines the outcome of the game. will not be liable to the Player in the event of system or communication errors relating to the generation of any result, settlement or other element of a game.  Additionally reserve the right to void all related bets and plays on the game in the event of the error.

If an error occurs once and Game is ongoing any score (if applicable) will be stored and recorded for that credit used. Players will not be able to restart from that score as the play will be deemed completed. If a Player is in a stick situation when an error occurs, the Player will be deemed to have selected "stick" and the current score will be submitted to the leader board.

Entry, Fees, Credits and refunds

If has a Daily Game, The MrRed Daily Game will start at 10:15pm every evening and finishes the following evening at 10:00pm.

If has a 3 day Week Game, The MrRed Week Game will start at 10:15pm Sunday evening and finishes Wednesday evening at 10:00pm.

If has a 4 day Weekend game, The MrRed Weekend Game will start at 10:15pm Wednesday evening and finishes Sunday evening at 10:00pm.

The event will be clearly displayed on the site. has the right to change the start and end dates and times prior to a new event starting.

15 (15 each night by 10:15pm) free credits will be given to every player to use on each live  Week MrRed game. 

If available players may have to obtain extra free plays by entering the relevant code for the live competition found on the front of the website/text and or email message.

Extended Games will be displayed clearly before a start of a new extended game with credits available to the players and the start and end times and dates.

Credits obtained can only be used in the Game within which they are purchased (when available to purchase). Unused credits cannot be transferred, or used for future Games and will be deemed void and cleared from that Player’s Account as soon as the current Game ends. has the right to change the entry fee of MrRed and no notice needs to be given.

Before entering into a MrRed Event you must become a member at By signing up as a member of the site you have agreed to accept all the sites Terms and Conditions and provided full and correct Entrant qualification details. See section 3 of site Terms and Conditions

A player can only enter and participate in MrRed if they have sufficient funds available within their player fund account to buy the credits. Go to …to deposit funds, also refer back to section 5 Accounts, Deposits, Transfer fund limits and Withdrawals site Terms and Conditions 9. …

Confirmed Wager/Stake

When you enter into the MrRed game your account will be deducted the fee shown when you buy MrRed credits. The buying of credits will be displayed within the statement and bet history within a players account.

Buying more plays

Players may wish to buy credits for MrRed when credit packs which are available at a maximum of £3 limit per day.

       1)           Credits are charged at a standard fee set by

       2)     Once a player has bought credits for the current live event is not possible for a refund to be given as a player has been deemed to have read the Terms and Conditions of the game and site see game Refunds for MrRed or if you have a dispute see …

Expiry of Credits

An Entrant can only enter a current live MrRed game. Any credits the player has in their account cannot be used for future MrRed games unless state otherwise and will be cleared from players account at the end of each game.

Refunds/cancelling Entry

1)       Entrants cannot cancel an entry for MrRed once they have selected start game button. See 8.3 on Warranties and Limitations of Liability on the site Terms and Conditions.

2)      If a entrant has any form of dispute please refer to our disputes Resolution Page

Void/Cancelled or postponed Event. will refund you any amount wagered on a MrRed competition if that week’s event is cancelled. All scores will be void. 

Any amount wagered will be placed directly into your playing account, no interest will be paid on any refunds made. may postpone any event at our own discretion without having to give notice.

Connection Failure is an online based event which can be played over multiple types of devices via an internet connection.

      1)  Players must be held responsible for the type of device and connection they use at the time of participating on MrRed.

      2)   Please see section 8.6 on Warranties and Limitations of Liability on the general Terms and Conditions.

What happens to your credits when you lose connection during or prior to the game starting?

     1)   If a player has gone on to the MrRed homepage and has not pressed the start button and the internet connection has been lost no credits will be taken from the players available credits balance. 

     2)  Once a player has pressed the “start button” credit shall be taken off the players available credit balance, at this point the player has begun their game. Therefore after this point if a connection is lost whilst in play the credit taken off is deemed as being used and cannot be refunded back.

     3)      If a connection failure occurs during play the score (if any) will be stored and recorded for that credit used. Players will not be able to restart from that score as that play will be deemed as completed.

All credits used are recorded within the players account. Credits are recorded as soon as the player has pressed start.


By pressing the start button you accept using up a credit from your available balance and accept the result, time recorded and position. If a player is in a stick situation and loses connection as a default the game will select stick and the score will submitted to the leader board.

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